Who I Am

I am a context driven Software Tester. This basically means I adapt my testing to suit the environment in which the testing is taking place.

I believe that it is not possible to have a one-size-fits-all testing solution as each project has its own personality.

I prefer an agile development process, in that I follow the principles in the Agile Manefesto & I dont see “Agile” as product. I appreciate the flexibility & the opportunity to converse with the people who have requested the product, or are going to use it.

I don’t necessarily need written verbose requirements & functional specs in order to test. I chat to the stakeholders & make notes –  I create & use documentation which is relevant to me & the project

I don’t need to generate reams & reams of paper containing ‘tests’ in order to test. I actively test the product & make inform notes based on my experience & training. I don’t take time to create tests which will be out of date &/or irrelevant as soon as they are written

I engage with the client & my brain in order to test!

I have previously worked in the waterfall style of development & I have ISTQB / ISEB foundation in software testing, but I now use the experience & certification as a guide to providing more flexible testing.


My current views & opinions on my self learning & software testing in general can be found on my blog