Wonderful Women Top Trumps goes Digital!

Back in October 2018, I shared a post about my attempts to create a Top Trumps deck of cards celebrating influential women throughout our history.

The development of the physical cards has come to a halt and I thought that was it, that was until I was put onto no/low code development platforms. These have blown my world wide open!

This post is about how I’ve taken my Wonderful Women Top Trumps digital with Glide – a no-code platform for building apps consuming data from Google Sheets.

Example card from the Wonderful Women Top Trump deck

I have stacks of ideas, but unfortunately I lack the development skills to bring them to life (or at least explore them in more detail)

The startup I’ve been working with have just hired (the very bright!) Andy Hall. It was Andy who put us onto no-code/low-code development platforms to help us create prototypes for learning & quick iteration on our ideas & assumptions.

Using a solution called Glide (others are available), we have built several apps to help us understand what challenges our customers are facing & use this data with the anecdotes to see what a longer term solution might look like. I’ll cover this discovery process in more detail on another post.

As well as helping to solve problems for my customer, Glide is also helping me realise some of my ideas, Wonderful Women Top Trumps being one of them.

Fortunately, my data was already in Google Sheets (which Glide uses as a data source) so as soon as I started building the card deck, Glide did most of the heavy lifting for me. I only needed to make a few tweaks to get it like a card deck.

Feel free to take a look at the app here.

If you’re clicking on this link from mobile device, you’ll get the option to add the app to your home screen (neat, eh?).

It’s really only a virtual deck of cards at the moment – you can either “flick ” through the deck, or jump into a card & scroll backwards & forwards through the cards in the details view.

Stuff I’ll be adding in the next Glide version:

  • Have the stats section as a 2 column table, as per the cards
  • Try & get a comma in the Google Hits
  • Finish the “contribute your own” wonderful woman form

After that, I actually want to be able play a game of Top Trumps with the cards. I have some ideas about how this could be achieved in Glide, but it would be clunky (& risky, given some of the capabilities Glide is lacking).

To get a playable game, I’m going to start exploring AppSheet, another no-code development platform which appears to have a richer capability set than Glide – watch this space…

So, flick through the cards, take a copy of the app & explore for yourself how easy it is to build an app with a no-code development platform!

Thanks for stopping by!


Wonderful Women Top Trumps app