Out with the Coronavirus, in with the…?

As with many thousand others, I find myself out of work as my customers adapt to this unprecedented pandemic.

So, yes I am looking for work but I’m not stressing about it (yet…)

Ask me, I am happy to help badge design by My Little Eden on Zazzle
Badge design by My Little Eden on Zazzle

As an independent consultant, I am very aware of the risk of not having work so I have mitigation strategies in place.

Having these strategies increases my resilience & means I can think about challenges other than my bank balance.

I’m anticipating a long period of downtime, so I’m taking this opportunity to make improvements to my personal & professional well being. Here’s how I plan to spend my time, safe at home:

If you’re tackling Covid-19, please give me a shout to see how I can help.

Stay Safe.


p.s. like the badge in this post’s image? It’s My Little Eden’s design on Zazzle (no affiliation, I just liked image for this post)