Wonderful Women Top Trumps goes Digital!

Back in October 2018, I shared a post about my attempts to create a Top Trumps deck of cards celebrating influential women throughout our history.

The development of the physical cards has come to a halt and I thought that was it, that was until I was put onto no/low code development platforms. These have blown my world wide open!

This post is about how I’ve taken my Wonderful Women Top Trumps digital with Glide – a no-code platform for building apps consuming data from Google Sheets.

Example card from the Wonderful Women Top Trump deck
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Lessons Learned Running a Successful Software Testing Meetup

After nearly 3 years & 16 Liverpool Tester Gatherings, the 3 of us have learned several very valuable lessons in running free meetups to provide a platform for new & experienced speakers, with both local & international testing status.

This post aims to share some of our learning

Liverpool Tester Gathering Logo
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