NWEWT 3 Experience Report

The 3rd North West Exploratory Workshop on Testing is over & now is the time for reflection in order to weave those lessons learned into the future events.

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The full write up is available on the Association for Software Testing website.

The #NWEWT Twitter feed also makes for some good reading & useful links on Innovation in Testing.

The biggest takeaways for me personally – NWEWT needs…

  1. a bigger organising team
  2. a more diverse organising team (I unsuccessfully tried to diversify myself…)
  3. a more diverse range of attendees
  4. a new venue

Another key takeaway was the attendees – they all contributed & added immense value. Without them & their efforts, the weekend would have been a flop.

Each of the presentations was well prepared & well presented, questions were well thought through & discussion was deep yet respectful.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get a formal picture of the attendees, but here’s one from Jit’s twitter feed (excludes Jit, unfortunately):



And here they are listed in order of my favourite*:

Ash WinterChris ChantGwen DiagramIan SmithJames Hattersley-DykesJitesh GosaiMarc MullerMatt BrettonMatthew ParkerMike Van de WaalPatrick Prill, Tim FretwellVernon Richards

*just kidding, it’s actually alphabetical 😀

And now thanks to our sponsors…

This weekend couldn’t go ahead without the continued support of Association for Software Testing Grant program & Testagility 

Your passion for building the testing community is awesome – thank you!