Surviving Scaled Agile- Systems Thinking

This is the second in a series of posts going into more detail around my thoughts on remaining an effective practitioner in scaled Agile – Systems Thinking.

To get a wider context of this post, please refer to the original “Surviving Scaled Agile” post outlining the model.

This point is made clear in the SAFe documentation – it’s Principle #2 – but with little understanding of Systems Thinking, it’s hard to reap the benefits that come with it.

Need a refresher on Systems Thinking? Go watch some Ackoff:

One of the biggest challenges is recognising all the systems you’re involved with & invariably the “managers” & “doers” won’t see themselves as part of the same system…

Understanding the systems (including communities) you are part of will help you identify stakeholders & manage dependencies. 

Having even a rudimentary understanding in Systems Thinking will help you with some of the other topics i’ll cover later…

What Next?

Seems obvious, doesn’t it?