Surviving Scaled Agile- Its Agile!

This is the first in a series of posts going into more detail around my thoughts on remaining an effective practitioner in scaled Agile –
it’s Agile!

To get a wider context of this post, please refer to the original “Surviving Scaled Agile” post outlining the model.

First & foremost the Scaled Agile Framework is a collection of Agile (& Lean) ideas.

If you’re already part of a Scrum team then you have the jump on those project teams going directly from Waterfall straight to SAFe (believe me, it happens).

In the implementations I was involved with this point is frequently over-looked. Trying to learn Agile ideas & get your head around the underlying principles can be hard enough. Having to subsequently learn a complicated framework to apply those principles, then your chances of success are very slim.

If the project team doesn’t have a solid grounding in Agile & Scrum, then any misunderstandings with the principles or  framework will be amplified when they are applied at scale, with increased ramifications for the project & programme.

“A bad system will beat a good person every time” 


These ramifications will also extend to the motivation & morale of the team who will feel that they are failing; typically as a result of the system rather than their actions

What next?

Go learn & understand the basics of Agile & Lean software development. It may also be pertinent to dig into the Scrum framework: