Available For A New Challenge

So a change in family circumstances has me available for a new role sooner than I was expecting. This a short post about how I might be able to help with your testing needs.


I help development teams deliver software that was asked for & behaves as expected.

I achieve this by testing throughout the development lifecycle;

  • I question the idea of a product before development starts
  • I question the product throughout its development
  • I question the product in the Production environment


I can fulfil the following roles:

  • Senior Tester

  • Agile Test Coach

  • Agile Coach


I’ll be available for consultation  w/c 17th March, ready to be onsite for the beginning of April.

I’m also quietly active on Twitter – you can see what topics in testing make me tick by checking my favourites.

If anything grabs your interest, please feel free to get in touch!