Manage Your Job Search – Intro

I have been reading Johanna Rothman’s latest offering on Leanpub – “Manage Your Job Search

This is the first post in a series of posts as I work my way through some of the exercises & tips Johanna outlines in the book (namely Career Timeline & Define Your Purpose).


Johanna writes like she speaks. I love it! As I read through the pages, its as if Johanna is in the room reading the book to me.

Her writing style matches her personality; open, friendly & welcoming.

Needless to say, I rattled through the first few chapters before I better stop & take stock!

The book sets up the idea that you should manage your job search like an “Agile” project & as you progress through the chapters, you find that you’ve actually progressed through your project.

I spend 8 hours a day completing tasks in small chunks (& suggesting others do the same), so why not try it on my job search? (I already tentatively float the ideas of Kanban with the wife to organise our lives…)

Like any good “Agile” project, the book starts with small, easily achievable steps which are reviewed at the end of chapter with a “now do this” section – a great way for the reader to critique themselves & gain satisfaction through small chunks of closure.

I haven’t finished a deep dive of the book yet, but the exercises I have tried like “Career Timeline” & “Define Your Purpose” have already given me great insights which will help with my next job search.

The book is also full of tips, ideas & quick takeaways which really get you thinking about your search from a different perspective.

I am recommending this book to anyone who is or wants to be serious about their job search.

I would also recommend this book to hiring managers – the information in this book is what you want your potential applicants to be reading. It may also be the convincer you need to get your hands on “Hiring Geeks That Fit“!