Surviving Scaled Agile – Identify the Value Streams

This is the fifth in a series of posts going into more detail around my thoughts on remaining an effective practitioner in scaled Agile – identify the Value Streams.

To get a wider context of this post, please refer to the original “Surviving Scaled Agile” post outlining the model.

Value Streams are chains of dependencies which work flows through in order to deliver value to the customers.

These chains of dependencies form virtual teams made up of the people who can take a product from “Concept to Cash” (Poppendieck) 

Everything in Agile & Lean software development is centred around delivering value to the customers.

This process is harder if you are unsure who your customers are &/or what their actual needs are.

Having a quantified vision will help determine the value streams. Having identified the stakeholders will help foster relationships

What Next?

  • Who are your customers?
  • What is the value you can deliver that will delight your customers
  • What’s the most effective way of delivering that value?
  • Study SAFe documentation on Value Streams