Refactor Your Wetware – Comments & further exercises

Right – have finally finished reading “Refactor Your Wetware”. What a great read – very insightful & easy to follow.

Admittedly it has taken me far longer to complete it than expected, but hey – i’ve family time to enjoy!
the book has several further exercises to try to try & improve certain aspects, such as focus, time management, learning ability, understanding yourself & understanding others.

Some of the exercises/actions I have already tried (see my previous post), but there others I need to try :

  • Mindmap for me & my training
  • Create Pragmatic Investment Plan (with SMART goals)
  • Pick 2 things to help me maintain context (limit distractions)
Out of these 3 actions, I feel the simplest & quickest to implement would be to those which will help me maintain context – This will be my next post.