Batch Size Reduction and Software Testing

I’ve been studying Don Reinertsen‘s work on product development flow for some time. Whilst I talk about the ideas from a testing perspective, I’ve never actually attempted to get my thoughts on to paper.

I’m attending Don’s workshop on flow in Cambridge at the end of September, so I’m using this post to record my current thoughts so I can use them for reflection after the course.

These notes still need a lot of refining…


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>Lessons Learned In Software Testing – notes/further reading

>I’ve noticed that as I’m reading, I’m writing buzzwords on scraps of paper which when I go to read them have no context – makes it hard to follow up on!

This post is for me to add topics for further research as I am reading Lessons learned in software testing. 

Cognitive psychology
Cognition in the wild – Hutchins 1995
Modeling – are there testing patterns?
Abductive inference

My understanding of Epistemology is how do we now what we know is true & correct. This might not be the best definition, in the context of testing, it enables us to ask pertinent questions in order to get an adequate answer. appears to have taken the same route as me, in that after reading the Lessons Learned book they have carried out some further research on this topic. 
The blog ends up with a list of skills of epistemology which can be applied to testing and form a great plenary to the blog – Really handy for helping you talk about what you do (to interested parties only!)

    • Ability to ask questions


  • Ability to observe
  • Ability to describe
  • Ability to think critically about what you know
  • Ability to recognize and manage bias
  • Ability to keep thinking despite already knowing.
  • Ability to analyze someone else’s thinking.
  • Ability to form and test conjectures.