North West Tester Gathering – Manchester 23/11/11

So I attended the first North West Tester Gathering in Manchester, scheduled on the back of the EuroSTAR conference.

The night was well attended & to be fair I was a bit uncool – being in the same room as so many people who have influenced, inspired & motivated me was a bit overwhelming!

The night was kept informal & was a great chance for us to talk about the regurgitated hot topic of “testing is dead” amongst other testy & less geeky topics.

It was great to see different opinions on the death of testing subject, both from those who attended the conference as well as us lesser mortals who couldn’t/didn’t attend.

It was nice too see that the keynotes being given weren’t speaking for the masses.

It was a great, cosy feeling – an us-against-the-world vibe, especially in the bijou function room of Lass o’ Gowrie with its blacked out curtains. The word “Revolutionary” was bandied about liberally!

Highlights from the night for me were:

    Meeting people I respect & admire in person
    Making new friends
    Michael Bolton’s slideshow of defects he’s encountered – sure beat my holiday snaps!
      Michaels take on

Why Paddy’s not at work sicknote

      in response to a jibe from

Stephen Allott

      – inspiring & amusing! Lyrics can be found


I had a great night – Cheers!

I hope the second gathering tonight is just as enjoyable!