Challenge Duncan! Help me to learn Java through the medium of test automation

I’m currently focussing on my Java skills & I have been doing this by working through the Head First Java book.

Even though this is a great book & not as dry as the SCJP tome I started with, the worked examples still are not as authentic as I’d like them to be – I’m finding it hard to stay motivated!

As such, I’m tackling test automation to try & help me learn. Its still the simple stuff at the moment, but I’m hoping there’s people out there who have come across some problems which took some head scratching in order to figure out the solution.

I’m using this website to perform automated checks against – things like navigating between pages, checking external links & checking for the presence of certain elements etc.

So here is the request:

I would like you, the general public, to throw down some test automation challenges in order to help me learn Java!


I’m currently using the JUnit test framework with WebDriver – I’d like the solutions to the challenges to stay within this setup if possible please.

Just leave your challenges as responses to this post & I’ll pick them up & work through them.

I have a repo on GitHub for my WebDriver learning – I’ll push the solutions to there & let the challengers know when I’m done. I’d really appreciate feedback on my solution if possible.

I’ll be grateful for any help / feedback you can provide!