Let’s Test Conference

The Lets Test Conference is the first context driven testing conference in Europe, run by Testers for Testers.

And guess what – I’m going!

I first heard about the conference whilst at the North West Tester Gathering Manchester in November. I had a look into it & decided that was where I wanted to blow my ‘learning budget’ this year. All I had to do was work out the sums & try & sell it to the wife!

I was fortunate enough to be on the Software Testing Club team when the offer a ticket was going begging – I snapped at the chance and as luck would have it, the ticket came my way!

This made the sell that much easier & we’ve tied it into a city break in Stockholm. Its looking like its going to be a great week – fly out on the Friday, have the weekend in Stockholm with the family, put them on a plane on the Sunday & then make my way over to Runo for the conference.

Having not signed up through the official channels (& this being my first conference), I wasn’t aware of what was required of me. A quick nudge from the Organisers made me take a proper look at the conference program – wowsers! I knew there was a great choice, but I hadn’t read it in detail – this was going to be a tough decision!

I think I’ve gone for the low risk option of half day sessions – didn’t want to commit myself to a full day session in case I don’t get on with it & to then feel I’m missing out on another session. I’d feel less guilty walking out of a half day session as opposed to a full day session if I didn’t think I was getting the value I expected.

Eventually the tutorials I settled on were:

  • “Critical Thinking Skills for Testers” with Michael Bolton – I’m currently doing a lot of coaching around critical thinking, so I feel it is appropriate to enforce this learning;
  • “A Test Automation Masterclass for Mobile Phone Applications” with Julian Harty – We’re doing a fair amount of work on mobile devices at my current client site as well as the work I’m doing with uTest. I also see testing in the mobile environment is growing so I want to be part of it!
  • “Now, Whats You Plan?” with Henrik Andersson & Leo Hepis – How do we handle context changes? What happens to the plan? (I changed my mind when I arrived – the mobile stuff has less prominence for me at the moment)

As for sessions, I’m currently opting for:

  • “Charter My Tests” with Markus Gartner – I’m just starting out in the world of ‘formalised’ exploratory testing & writing effective charters is one of my stumbling blocks;
  • “Testing Hypnotically” with Alan Richardson – I’m always looking for ways to improve my communication & hey, I’m interested in hypnosis as well! (Maybe the session blurb is loaded with words & sentences to lure me in without me even realising it…)
  • “Making the Case for Aesthetics” with Zeger van Hese – Largely because its Zeger (I generally like what he has to say), but I’m also wondering how the fine arts can be intertwined with testing. That said, I don’t know much about fine art!
  •  “Coaching Testers” with Anne-Marie Charret – Having been on the receiving end of  one of Anne-Maries coaching sessions (I’m also interested in coaching other Testers), I’d be interested to see some of what goes into giving a coaching session.
  • “From Good To Great With xBTM” with Michael Albrecht – As with the chartering tests session, I want to get better at managing & executing effective exploratory testing.
  • “Making Dialogue effective” with Leo Hepis – working in a agile environment involves a lot of collaboration & communication – why not make sure its effective! (this was another last minute decision change – I really enjoyed Leos other session, so I was interested to see what he had to offer)

Unfortunately I wont make the afternoon session as I have a flight to catch. If I could attend, it would be “So You Think You Can Test” with Huib Schoots as it is all about self improvement & becoming a better Tester (which my blog is all about!)

I’ll be at the conference as a roving reporter for STC & hope to tweet about the tutorials & sessions whilst there & blog about them on my return – that said, I may try & challenge Markus to the fastest blog post whilst at a conference!

Really looking forward to Sweden, Stockholm & the conference – a great start to the month of May!