Let’s Test 2012: Visualisation of tweets

There were nearly 1000 tweets from the Let’s Test conference & I’d quite like to re-read them. Mohinder (@mpkhosla) has very kindly harvested the tweets here.

To help me read the tweets & see their relationships with each other, I decided to see if there was anyway I could visualise them to make them a bit less dry.

This post demonstrates a few of the ideas I’ve tried. The 3rd one is my favourite (so far)


The most lightweight of the ideas I tried – seems like it would be best suited for having at the conference itself.

Its got several animations for a bit of variety. Not what I was really looking for, but nice all the same.

Visualisation can be seen here



(Moritz Stefaner)

Slightly clunky when trying to view all tweets from the conference, but interesting to see the tweets on a timeline & relationships between the tweets. The visualisation is an animation which you can’t interact with – it does have a pattern for which tweets it zooms in on, but I still want to select my own tweets. Probably most suitable for watching over dinner, or having at the conference itself.

Visualisation can be seen here



(Martin Hawksey)

A really interactive visualisation that still lets you get to the data in the tweets.

Visualisation can be seen here