BBST Foundations – Completed & Passed!

I’ve just got the confirmation through that I’ve passed the BBST Foundations of Software Testing Course! It was a tough month, but the course was fantastic & well worth the effort.

I’ve met a great bunch of guys & gals on the course & hope to keep in touch in the future – certainly some very knowledgable people who will be great to pose questions to a later date. Call them my “phone-a-friend” if you will.

Now onto Bug Advodcacy & Test Design!

BBST Foundations

  • Del Dewar

    It was fun. I won’t be able to do Bug Advocacy in June as my missus is expecting our 2nd kid right around exam time. Less chance of me losing the certificate since it’s an electronic one. 🙂

    • DuncanNisbet

      I’m thinking June is going to be tricky as well – not because of extra kids though!

      I’m thinking maybe October if I can get onto it – I’m guessing that won’t be suitable for you either..?