I help development teams deliver quality software which was actually asked for. I like to see development teams succeed. And if possible, I like to be involved in their success.

I adopt Agile & Lean principles to help organisations improve communication in order to achieve closer collaboration & faster feedback.


Do any of these situations familiar to you?

  • Testing is squeezed in at the end of the delivery cycle

How do you test throughout the development cycle to bake quality in?

  • The wrong thing gets built

You wait for ages & you finally get to see the requested product, its not what you asked for – how do we know what is the right thing?

  • Testers see themselves as the gatekeepers of quality & blocking/delaying releases.

Why should they be responsible for “signing off” software? They didn’t ask for it. They’re not funding it.

  • Not everyone wants face-to-face conversations.

What can we do to help closer collaborations?


Whatever your flavour or software development, I can help to make testing more effective to help you on your way to delivering software which was actually asked for.


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