Through my company Testagility, I help development teams deliver quality software which actually solves the problem. I like to see development teams succeed and if possible, I like to be involved in their success.

I focus on improvement from a testing perspective whilst adopting Agile & Lean principles, to help organisations improve communication through closer collaboration & faster feedback.

I predominantly find myself helping development teams understand how Testers can add value in an agile development environment. This includes training on testing skills as well the soft people skills to help teams grow together.


Do any of these situations sound familiar to you?

Testing is squeezed in at the end of the delivery cycle

How do you test throughout the development cycle to bake quality in?

The wrong thing gets built

You wait for ages & when you finally get to see the requested product, its not what you asked for – how do we know what is the right thing?

Testers see themselves as the gatekeepers of quality

Why should they be responsible for “signing off” software? They didn’t ask for it and they’re not funding it – why should they give no/go decision?

Not everyone wants face-to-face conversations

What can we do to help closer collaborations without forcing those who prefer to work alone into situations that make them uncomfortable?

We don’t need Testers, we’re Agile

Yes, your development cycle may be highly automated but there is so much value a Tester can add to your time – let me show you!


How can I help you?

Depending on the problem or possibility, I can offer:


work or classroom based training

on-the-job coaching

a pair of hands to get the job done

a combination of all of the above

Feel free to pop over to Testagility take a look at the range of services I offer .


Want more information about me?

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