Find me

As well as email & telephone, please feel free to get in touch by these other channels:


I use the handle @DuncNisbet to retweet interesting articles I come across on Twitter & you can see what posts are currently appealing to me by checking my favourites

Occasionally I have something interesting to tweet myself


If you fancy getting in touch online

North West Tester Gathering

A (largely) monthly meetup for Testers & fellow geeks to come together to share ideas, tips & war stories

International Society for Software Testing (ISST)

Putting the humanity back into testing!

I am one of the founding members of ISST. It is great to be part of something from the outset – hopefully I will be able provide some help to effect real change in software testing.

Software Testing Club

Software Testing Club is a great online community for Testers to get together, mull over current topics & generally help each other out. Check it out!


For the slides in my presentations

Gibraltar Tester Gathering

A chance to speak geek over a pint. Based on the Leeds & London Tester Gatherings


Entaggle is a site dedicated to giving & receiving professional recognition. I’ve only recently started using the site properly – it’ll be interesting to see how I fare!
It is the brainchild of fellow Tester Elisabeth Hendrickson

SQA Stack Exchange 

Got a testing problem? Pose your question on here & hopefully some kind soul will answer it for you. While you’re there, why don’t you help a brother (or sister!) out & answer their questions!


I help out crowd testing on the uTest platform


The code I write whilst working through the worked examples in “Head First Java” & my progress with WebDriver


I use Linkedin for the corporate side of things…


This is a site on which I have a presence, but I do not actively promote myself