Stakeholder Tests – an output of requirements gathering and refinement

Requirements gathering & refinement gets little love in the testing matrix. I want these activities to get more representation in the matrix, so using the language I already there I’ve coined a term “Stakeholder Tests”

Stakeholder Tests are (currently) defined (by me) as

“Questions for the stakeholders of a product in order to come to a common understanding of how that product should behave”


Stakeholder testing (in my world) is akin to George Dinwiddie’s 3 Amigo’s or requirements gathering & refinement.

Stakeholder tests live in the Top Left & Top Right quadrants of the testing matrix.

In TL, Stakeholder Tests initially help to define the product prior to code being written

In TR, they help the team explore the product.

They then move back to TL where they act as change detectors


A Stakeholder Test can be considered to pass when the question has been answered.

I’m thinking of language like “Have the Stakeholder Tests passed?”


This post is obviously WIP, slightly tongue-in-cheek & the idea may well be confined to the bin/trash…