Liverpool STC Meetup – Progress

Things are starting to heat up now & the Liverpool STC meetup is getting ever more real.

The night has also now merged with the newly formed Liverpool Tester Gathering to inform the different communities as to what’s going on in the area!

Interest is slowly ramping up. Limited numbers have provided an RSVP on the meetup site, but we’re getting interest & confirmations in from all the different avenues we’ve pursued.

Shoutouts so far include :

  • Local geek community
  • Local large enterprise companies
  • Local smaller enterprise compaines
  • Startups
  • A trusted recruitment consultant – to provide information on what they look for in a candidate (& for networking!)
  • Universities – to give students an idea of testing in industry, as opposed to just the classroom

Stu Taylor (@hsiboy) has very kindly said that he’ll come over & give us a little talk. This will be great as Stu is very active in the testing community, not only in the NW, but also in London. Its always great speaking to Stu as he is great at bring the north & south opinions together – almost like seeing how the other half live!

Stu’s talk is titled “Whats that smell” & is about the attacks test teams come under from different factions of the business in which they (try to) operate. Stu goes on to outline his responses to each attack & why they are invalid.
The talk goes on to provide a few pointers as to how we as Testers can help to re-educate the masses & behave more responsibly so that these attacks become less frequent

As for my talk, its going to be a gentle opener, with how & why the night has come about. I’m going talk about my 12 month journey thus far, what I’ve taken from that journey & where I plan to go next, which hopefully might be of some interest to someone just embarking on a similar journey.

Interactive Sessions
So – the title of the testing dojo is “Testing The Time Machine – How Marty could have tested the Delorean”

I intend to open with a small piece about exploratory testing, how it compliments scripted testing & how most people who test software do exploratory testing without realising it.
I’m also going to introduce the use of heuristics in exploratory testing, namely the FCC CUTS VIDS heuristic from Mike Kelly.

This will lead into the challenge of how we could test the Delorean time machine in Back To The Future.

I’m also getting together a few smaller challenges which we could discuss if the interest is there.

The discussion is titled “The value of certification in software testing” 

It is obviously about seeing what different opinions there are in the software testing industry regarding certifications & with recruiters, clients & candidates attending there should be a good spread of conversation.

Other than that, the night will involve the usual networking & socialising – I’ll keep updating this post as events occur.

Please feel free to get in touch via this post, Twitter, Linkedin or email with any tips or suggestions you may have.