>Gathering Resources

>After asking around the team, I have a nice selection of resources to dip into. I’m thinking i’ll be adding posts about the resources as they each spawn further reading.

Java related books :

  • “Head First Java” Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates
  • “Head First Design Patterns” Elisabeth Freeman, Eric Freeman, Bert Bates, and Kathy Sierra

  • Java For Dummies

    ” Barry A. Burd

  • “SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 6 Study Guide” Kathy Sierra

Testing related books : 

Agile related books : 

  • “The Art of Agile Development” James Shore

Learning related books :
  • Pragmatic Thinking and Learning: Refactor Your Wetware (Pragmatic Programmers)Andy Hunt

As well as books, there is also the mighty WWW. 

Java related sites : 

Testing related sites : 

Agile Development related sites (inc. podcasts):

This list is obviously going to grow as my reading gets more and more involved.