As a Tester, what value do I provide to my Customers?

So, I’ve been flexing my mindmap skills using Xmind to try & map my learning in order to complement my blog posts.

My driving goal at the beginning of this learning journey was to become a better tester. I said when I started this blog I would define what ‘better’ actually means.
Well, this process of defining ‘better’ is still ongoing & unfortunately (or fortunately?), the more I think about it the harder it is to define.

I kinda knew at the beginning that the goal of becoming a better tester would be a never ending journey which will never have an completion date. What I didn’t consider was the width of my learning in trying to reach my goal.

I think this was evident by my original goals of achieving the Sun Certified Java Programmer & ISTQB Advanced Test Analyst certifications. (I’ve also created a Liverpool meetup via Software Testing Club – details to be finalised)

I started creating a mindmap titled “How can I become a better tester” on which I was laying down my learning. It still didn’t help to define ‘better’.

Whilst working on it, Kevin Rutherford suggested I define the word ‘better’ at which point I just grinned and said that is what I trying to achieve, but struggling to do so. 

He then went onto suggest that I assess what value I bring to my Customer as a Tester (currently Trader Media & car dealers using Autotrader).

Here is my first stab at trying to determine what value I provide to my customers :

This is v1.0 – there’s more I can add to it & I hope to do so as time progresses. I also believe the structure will change as I realise different relationships between the nodes & subtopics.