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About BBC Future Media:

BBC Future Media pulls together all areas of the BBC digital viewing platforms. These platforms include Iplayer, BBC Sport, CBBC & the portal to connect them all Connected Red Button

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About the BBC Sport Application:

I was hired to help deliver BBC Sport connected TV app – if your TV/Set Top Box/BluRay player is connected to the internet, it’s highly likely you can get the BBC Sport app on it.

The Sport app consists of an HTML client with its server and a service layer for communicating with all the upstream BBC media providers.

The highlight of my role so far has been developing the app for the BBC Summer of Sport.

About My Role:

This is my first role in the broadcast IPTV domain (and what a broadcaster to start with?!) and it has been a steep but fascinating learning curve.

I have successfully used the Heuristic Test Strategy Model to (start to) understand the project environment, the product itself & what are the quality characteristics we value. The system is massive so the HTSM has proved invaluable in trying to get my head around it.

I have also been using the HTSM to share my ideas on testing of the BBC Sport application with the rest of the team.

As well as project work, I have been offering testing related coaching sessions to share ideas about how deep testing can be performed in an agile development environment striving for Continuous Delivery.

The software is developed in an environment taking ideas from Agile, Lean & Kanban so keeping the balance between speedy delivery and deep testing has been a fun and enjoyable challenge!

About my achievements

– Learning about IPTV broadcasting

– Deeper understanding of API testing

– Deeper understanding of Cucumber and BDD

– Helping collaboration between Testers, DiTs & Programmers

– Facilitating workshops to gather ideas to solve problems

– Gaining more understanding about Lean and applying that knowledge to testing and our rate of delivery

– Pushing testing as a craft, through open discussions & facilitated book clubs to help share the learning from the Rapid Software Testing class (run by Michael Bolton).

– Speaking at the BBC Develop Conference


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