BAe Systems

BAE Systems are the largest defence company in Europe (top 10 in the US), covering 5 continents and employing around 9,000 people. They average £14.8 billion annual sales.

Contracted on the BOWMAN project. BOWMAN is a tactical communications system integrating digital voice and data technology to provide secure radio, telephone, intercom and tactical internet services in a modular and fully integrated system.

Roles included test authoring & editing using DOORS (document repository), test execution and also assigning tests amongst the team members. This was achieved by using an in-house test management tool interfacing with MS Access.

As well as writing tests, test authoring involved reviewing peers tests against the requirements and then entering them into DOORS. Links were then created from the tests to the Functional Specification in order ascertain test coverage.

Test execution involved following the previously entered test steps in DOORS and raising any issues into an in-house defect management tool interfacing with MS Access. Discussions with the Development team were actively encouraged to ensure the defects raised were qualified and well informed.