Agile Is About People Too

I’m not the first to say this, but my experience is showing me that people are still being forgotten in “Agile” adoption.

Invariably in software development, we are writing software to create products to help solve other people’s problems. People writing software for people. The tools we use to write & distribute that software augment the work we do, not replace it.

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How Can I Help You?

From the 2nd of April 2015 I am available to help with testing challenges. How can I help you?

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Cynefin In Software Testing

The Cynefin framework has found many useful applications in the software development industry. Liz Keogh has done great work in applying the model to software development.

Some focus has been paid to Cynefin from a software testing perspective, such as by James Christie, Jesper Lottsen & Joe Larson, all of which have helped form my ideas on Cynefin & testing.

This post is my attempt to improve my understanding of Cynefin & how it can be applied to software testing.

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Image Mapping Your Diagrams

I had a problem. I wanted to embed multiple hyperlinks into a single image. My solution turned out to be image mapping.

I’m writing this post to help cement my understanding & share the discovery I had in case any one else finds a use for image mapping. The first thought I had was those of you who dabble in sketch noting…

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RST Revisited

I’ve been fortunate enough to once again attend the RST class run by Michael Bolton. Once again it’s been a rollercoaster and has got my testing grey matter in overdrive!

It turned out to be an interesting experiment…

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Black Ops Testing Workshop – Out of the Shadows

On Friday, I attended the rather fantastic Black Ops Testing workshop run by Alan Richardson, James Lyndsey, Steve GreenTony Bruce.

Like any respective course attendee, I feel I should write about my experience, but without giving too much away…


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Why was that bug put in code?

I need to fill in some gaps regarding the quote taken from my recent talk at the BBC Develop 2014 conference.

I told a story of when I was asked the question:

“Why wasn’t that bug found in test?”

I responded:

“Why did you put that bug in the code?”

I have to confess, this isn’t my default response to that question, but as always there’s a story behind the story…
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I fell Into The Cucumber Trap

Cucumber is not a testing tool. I know this.

One of the big noises I make about Cucumber is that it is not a testing tool, it is a tool to help collaboration, discussion of requirements & generate living documentation.

How then did I fall into the trap of trying to use Cucumber as an automated testing tool?

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Stakeholder Tests – an output of requirements gathering and refinement

Requirements gathering & refinement gets little love in the testing matrix. I want these activities to get more representation in the matrix, so using the language I already there I’ve coined a term “Stakeholder Tests”

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Dissecting The Testing Quadrants – Wrap Up

And finally we come to the end of this exploration into the Testing Matrix,  so what have I learned?


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Dissecting The Testing Quadrants – Some Examples

This post outlines some examples of how I’m currently using our current incarnation of the test matrix

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Domain Driven Design In The Heuristic Test Strategy Model

When I was reading through “Domain Driven Design Quickly”  (published on InfoQ) I had several aha moments as I linked the material I was reading to the “Heuristic Test Strategy Model” (HTSM) from James Bach which I work with daily.


DomainDrivenDesignDomainDrivenDesign DomainDrivenDesign

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Dissecting The Testing Quadrants – Different Representations

Whilst digging into the test matrix / agile quadrants, I’ve come across several different representations of the model.

This post is a collection of some of those representations (in chronological order as far as I can tell).

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Cucumber Stuffed Ruby

I have just finished some fantastic Ruby & Cucumber training with the most affable Chris Parsons.

There are some definite lessons to be learned (other than writing Cukes with Ruby)…

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Dissecting The Testing Quadrants – Columns

This is the 3rd in a series of posts where I dig into the Agile Testing Quadrants after a coaching session I had with James Bach. This post focuses on the left & right sides of the matrix; the columns.

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No Swearing please, we’re Developers

In our team, I noticed the way we were speaking & the words we were using sounded as if we were trying to influence others of our thoughts & ideas.

Sometimes this made me feel uncomfortable, especially when the recipient didn’t realise they were being influenced (or didn’t know what to do about it) & consequently their opinion was altered as a result of the language used, not merely the content.

(Parental Advisory – explicit content)


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Dissecting The Testing Quadrants – Rectangles

This is the first post attempting to document some of the conversation James Bach & I had whilst trying to determine what my understanding  of the Agile test quadrants actually was.

This post is a WIP as I’m sure I’ll be updating it as I walk through each of the quadrants & work with some of the different ideas & terminology we discussed.

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Manage Your Job Search – Intro

I have been reading Johanna Rothman’s latest offering on Leanpub – “Manage Your Job Search

This is the first post in a series of posts as I work my way through some of the exercises & tips Johanna outlines in the book (namely Career Timeline & Define Your Purpose).


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Available For A New Challenge

So a change in family circumstances has me available for a new role sooner than I was expecting. This a short post about how I might be able to help with your testing needs.

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Dissecting The Testing Quadrants

I’m a fan of the (Agile) Testing Quadrants, first described by Brian Marick back in 2003 as a matrix & later popularised by Lisa Crispin & Janet Gregory.

James Bach helped me to break down the quadrants in order to get a deeper understanding of what each quadrant meant. It was during this conversation I realised I had a very shallow understanding of the model & I was effectively diluting (& even twisting?!) the message the quadrants were trying to get across.

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