There are so many great videos out there & for the visual learner (like myself) they offer a great resource for learning. The videos include conference speakers, tutorials & demos.

Software Testing Club has collected many links to videos – this is a great place to start, either if you’re looking for something specific & want to lose a couple of hours in videos.

InfoQ also hosts many videos related to all areas of software development. These tend to be conference speakers doing their thing.

EuroSTAR conferences have some great videos as well from the virtual conferences & EuroSTAR TV

There are many other sources of videos – just try searching on testing topics in Youtube or Vimeo!

Some particular Videos which made me think:

Alberto Savoia’s keynote at GTAC 2011

Goranka Bjedov at STANZ 2011

(Uncle) Bob Martin on “Agile QA” 2010

Michael Bolton’s Agile Testing Days 2011 Keynote