I listen to podcasts to try & listen to conversations about testing. I like to hear the different opinions as I feel they help to form my opinions (like posting a response or question on a blog post).

This page is where I store the list of podcasts I listen to.


This Week In Software Testing (TWiST) (US, global) – an informative & current weekly podcast from Matt Heusser, Michael Larsen & various guests.

Testcast (Oz, global) – an informative podcast from Trish Koo, Bruce McLeod & occasional guests.

Software Testing Podcasts (US) – relative newcomers to the testing podcast scene but its great to see the show & the relationship between the hosts  Michael Raveling & Emily Shebesta develop.

Coding QA Podcast (US) – More changes in hosts than the Sugababes have changed their line-up, but still great banter all the same.


These are the testing podcasts I listen to. There are others, but I haven’t got around to listening to them. All podcasts on testing can be found here.



Agile Toolkit – Agile related discussions, including the various principles, methodologies & development techniques