Manage Your Jobsearch – Define Your Purpose

One of exercises in “Manage Your Job Search” was for the reader to define their life purpose.

The exercise poses 5 outward facing questions taken from Adam Leipzig’s TED talk “Know Your Life Purpose in 5 minutes

This post is my answers to those 5 questions – the idea being the answers will help me make choices about not just my next role but also the next stage of my career.

1. What do you do? What do you love to do? What is the one thing you feel supremely qualified to teach other people?

I help develop software

2. Who do you do it for?

Developments teams & ultimately customers of the software being developed

3. What do those people want or need?

Customers – software which solves their problem

Development teams – how to build software which actually solves the customers problems

4. How do they change or transform as a result of what you give

Customers – get satisfaction from the software they choose or have to use as it solves they’re problem.

Development teams –  satisfaction from delivering software which was actually asked for, with less bugs & a better understanding of why they get up in the morning.